Club lovin

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Club lovin

I go to this club a few days a week. Is a bit boring but I met a couple (3) proper fine boys there they were Toni (18 years), Liam R (18 years) and Liam C (14 1/4 yrs). I have seen Toni and one of the Liams naked before when we went on this two-week activities camp. There was us four in this large room with two other boys. The two Liam?s and me were just sitting on Tony?s bed when Toni decided to get un-dressed in front of us. Liam R sprang up and decided to do the same. I was going to laugh at their smaller and less hairy cocks than mine because I was 14 and ? but, when they removed their boxers they were both bigger and hairier than me. Liam C laughed at Liam R but not at Toni. Liam R?s cock was 4 ? inches soft with a largish amount of /blonde/">blonde n? dark pubes. Toni on the other hand was 5 ? inches soft with a massive amount of dark brown or black pubes.


Anyway we were all at the club and I was sent to the shop to get some milk. I chose Liam R to come with me. We were talking about his ex-/girlfriend/">girlfriend who had just dumped him. (Were both fortunate to be popular with girls.) He was feeling down so I decided to cheer him up.

I grabbed his hand and dragged him down the side of a nearby building, which was a /doctor/">doctor?s surgery, Naturally!
We sat down in this area outside which was enclosed by some walls and with a brightish light above us. I said to Liam ?You know when you said to me you wouldn?t mind a blow job... did you mean from anyone??

Liam paused, took a gasp of air than said, ?No, I don?t mind, why...? You wanna give me some??
I didn?t reply I just practically ripped down my trousers to reveal my briefs with a little bulge of my still soft pecker. Liam had a short giggle before he did the same to reveal a larger bulge in his boxers. I edged down my briefs to reveal a 2-3 ? inch soft uncut pecker with two small balls in a shrivelled up ball sac. (It was seriously cold that night.) Liam proped up against the wall, spread his legs as he pulled down his boxers and revealed that same cock I had seen on camp but slightly hairier (Still more so than me though,) and a shrivelled up ball sac also. I put my cock away and laid on my belly, on the cold floor with my face in his lap. I could smell his aroma of pre-cum, which was dribbling from his eyehole. I liked it off and sucked hard on his bell end. I started taking it deeper and deeper with every up-down movement, Liam would give a squeal of pleasure every now and then to let me know I was doing it right. After about three to four white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie minutes he had started to tighten up. I sucked harder than ever on his bell end. He gave a long moan of pleasure as stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv he injected me with his spunk. I swooshed it around my mouth as if it was like mouthwash before swallowing it slowly.

After Liam said to me ?Next time we?ll bring someone else along or maybe two, well... what do you think of that??
I didn?t answer I just smiled and stared deeply into his eyes. I think he knew I ment yes, of course!