2 Sex Slaves continued

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2 Sex Slaves continued

My ex wife Karen and her roommate Mackenzie needed a place to stay so I told them they could stay with me if they stayed naked in my house and did whatever I needed. It has been two weeks and I have fucked them every way possible. 

This Friday I got home from work and Karen was already home watching TV naked. I gave her a dildo and told her to get on the edge of cumming but to wait until I got back. I went and changed and got out to the family room. Karen was getting close to having an orgasm so I turned the dildo off. I slid it inside her pussy and sucked her nipples. 

I asked, ?When is Mackenzie coming home??

Karen said, ?She is spending the night with her boyfriend so she won?t be home until morning.?

?Well it looks like we are going to have some fun tonight since you are going to get my full attention.?

I took my shorts off and stood in front of Karen, ?suck me for a alain lyle porn while,? I said.

Karen knows how I like to receive a blowjob so she licked my balls and slid her tongue up my shaft just using the tip of her tongue. She would flick the tip of my cock and start at my balls again. She sucked for about fifteen minutes and I had her get on all fours. I turned the /vibrator/">vibrator back on that I had left in her pussy and said, ?you are going to have that in your pussy until Mackenzie gets back.?

Karen got on top of me and I told her to suck me some more until I was about to cum and I would then /pussy/pussy-cum/cum-in-her-pussy/">cum in her pussy. She was distracted with the vibrator in her pussy but she had me on the edge and I pulled the vibrator out and plunged my cock in her pussy and came. I stayed in Karen?s pussy as she was grinding against me. I got up, put a towel down and we sat on the couch to watch TV. I put the vibrator back in Karen?s pussy and we watched an hour of TV.

At ten o?clock we went to bed and Karen was begging to take the vibrator out. I took it out of her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy and told her to go to the bathroom and join me in bed. She had at least three orgasms while we watched TV and she was tired. She crawled in bed next to me and I put it back in her pussy. 

I woke up in the middle of the night and took the vibrator out of Karen?s pussy. I had her prop her ass in the air and I fucked her from behind. She was so excited and loud that I came in her within ten minutes. I replaced my cock with the vibrator and went to sleep. In the morning Karen had a big wet spot on the bed from her orgasms and the vibrator batteries were dead. 

I said, ?Do you want to see when Mackenzie is coming home so I can let you rest a little.?

She called Mackenzie and I could tell Karen was upset when she got off the phone. ?Mackenzie won?t be back until tonight,? she said.

I was pissed because I really enjoy Mackenzie?s unshaved pussy and /tits/big-tits/">big tits. Karen is 5?8? 120 lbs and has 34C breasts. I make her get Brazilian waxes, but Mackenzie is also 5?8?, but 145lbs so her tits are much bigger. I also had Mackenzie grow her pubic hair.

?Go sit on the counter in the bathroom, with your legs spread,? I told Karen.

I got a drink and went in the bathroom. I started to massage and then lightly tap Karen?s pussy. I spread her pussy lips to get to her clit and said, ?What are we going to do to replace Mackenzie today??

Karen said, ?I don?t know? so I started to spank her pussy harder. 

?Maybe I can invite another friend over,? she said.

I stopped and said, ?Make sure they know what I want and have someone over by 10am.?

Karen went out of the bathroom with the vibrator and a new set of batteries while I showered. I ate some breakfast and Karen was still on the phone. 

It was nine thirty so I had Karen shower and at ten o?clock the doorbell rang. I told Karen to answer the door naked with the vibrator going and explain the rules to her friend. I took half of a viagra because I wanted whoever came over to get the fucking of her life.

I didn?t know who was over but I heard them talking and at ten thirty Karen walked in with her friend Tammy. Tammy is 5?2? and close to 150lbs. She has big legs and hips and /breasts/small-breasts/">small breasts but a very pretty face. Tammy was naked and red from embarrassment. 

?Did Karen explain the rules?? I asked.

Tammy said, ?Yes.? So I took the dildo out of Karen and told Tammy to suck it and Karen could go get some sleep. Tammy sucked the dildo and I hugged Karen and gave her a little spank and said, ?Get some sleep so you can be rested up for tonight.?

I was hard looking a Tammy naked so I stripped and had her kneel in front of me and suck me. She spent a long time sucking and playing with my balls and I could tell she was excited because of the noises she was making. She continued to suck me until I came in her mouth. I made her keep her mouth on my cock until all the cum was gone. She was surprised I stayed hard.

I had her straddle my cock and we started to have sex. She straddled me for ten minutes while I pumped into her and I had her lay on the floor and I got on top of her. I slipped my cock in again and Tammy had an orgasm and squeezed me with her legs, ?I want to feel your cum in me,? she said.

I gave her my cum about five minutes later and I stayed inside Tammy for a few more minutes. ?Clean my cock off,? I said and Tammy scooted under me and licked my /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls clean.

I took the vibrator that Karen had used and started in on Tammy?s pussy I used the tip to massage her clit and she had a /orgasm/big-orgasm/">big orgasm. I then put the vibrator in her pussy and said, ?Make me lunch.?

Tammy got up and I went with her to watch her walk around the kitchen with the vibrator in her pussy and my cum leaking out of her pussy. 

We ate lunch and I was hard again. I used the olive oil and massaged Tammy?s /pussy/ass-pussy/ass-and-pussy/">ass and pussy. I slipped a /fingering/ass-fingering/finger-in-her-ass/">finger in her ass and could feel the vibrator going. After twenty minutes I said, ?You?re ready for me.? 

Tammy said, ?Karen didn?t say anything about /anal/anal-sex/">anal sex.? 

I told Tammy that she had to do whatever I wanted or she could leave. Tammy said she was leaving so she got all her clothes and went to the bathroom. She came out dressed and handed me back the vibrator. ?Tell Karen I couldn?t handle it and had to leave.?

I let her out and went to the bedroom. I pulled the sheets off of Karen and tied her hands and legs to the bedposts so she was spread eagle. ?Ken, what are you doing, where is Tammy??

?She had to go so I get to play with you until Mackenzie gets here.?

It was only two o?clock and I didn?t know when Mackenzie would be back but I wanted to make Karen really tired and sore. I lubed her ass and put a double vibrator in her ass and pussy. I then got some ice and rubbed her nipples with it. I also lit some candles and closed the blinds to make it dark. I experimented with the ice on Karen?s clit and breasts and would put my cock in her mouth every once in a while. Right before I left the bedroom I dripped hot wax on Karen?s nipples. 

She moaned and I told her to hold still. I was putting ice on her clit and she said, ?Ken, please don?t put hot wax on my clit.? I told her she would like it. I removed the ice and dripped hot wax on her clit. Karen bucked her hips and I had to keep dripping it until her clit was totally covered in wax. 

I put my cock in her mouth and eventually came on her face and breasts. I left Karen in bed with the /dildo/double-dildo/">double dildo in her /pussy/ass-pussy/pussy-and-ass/">pussy and ass and her nipples and clit covered with wax. I went to work out and had dinner. When I got home around 9pm Mackenzie wasn?t home and Karen was a mess and hadn?t slept. I put the phone to her ear indian santali xvideo and she talked to Mackenzie. ?Please come home Ken is keeping me awake and I am exhausted from cumming so much.?

Mackenzie finally came home and I had her sit on Karen?s face. I took Mackenzie to the other bedroom and the doorbell rang. I let Tammy and her husband in. I took them to where Karen was and said, ?Karen, since I had sex with Tammy, Michael is going to do what he wants to you and Tammy is going to watch.?

They untied her and Michael took a shower with Karen. I went to sleep with Mackenzie sucking me off and I could hear spanking sounds and Tammy telling Michael to /fucking/good-fuck/fuck-her-good/">fuck her good.