Waiting for it

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Waiting for it

He had wanted her for more years than he could remember. Now she was near him, leaning on the balcony of the bedroom of her holiday hotel in Menorca. She was wearing a loose, crop topt-shirt and beige shorts with an elasticated waist. Her back was to him now but later’..

He moved up behind her and put his hands on her hips, just standing slightly apart from her ’ he expected her to resist or pull away but she moved her body back to press against his loins. He moved his hands round and up under her softt-shirt, slowly sliding over her skin to cup her breasts. Holding them he pulled her back against him.
She turned her head and kissed him but quickly turned away and guided his hands down to the top of her shorts ’ he knew she wanted him to slide them down over his hips and onto the floor and he did so in one beautiful liquid move.

Beneath her shorts she was naked and he moved one hand round to cup her sex and gently began to stimulate her, sliding one finger inside her and wwwxxx using his others to caress her sex.

She moved her hands to his shorts and pulled them down, he helped pull them off over his erect penis and stepped out of them.

She turned and led him to the double bed and laying on it she spread-eagled her arms and legs as she offered herself to him.

With no word he mounted her and raising his hips paused as he guided his member to her moist entrance, finally pressing forward and upward into her very being.

At his penetration she gasped and moaned in delight, as he began to rhythmicallyfuck her with a quicker and deeper pace his thrusts forcing her whole body upward as she seemed to surrender her entire body to his pleasure, giving him everything he wanted.

He leaned up on his arms and looked down at her soft body, down over her belly, over her soft pubic hair, to his his penis sliding in and out of her, lubricated with her juices
He lowered his head to kiss her lips and whisper to her ’I have wanted to fuck you for so the wwwxxx many years my darling Valerie’ and she squeezed his penis deep with in her fanny and replied ’Fuck me ’ fuck me till you are satisfied and then take me from behind ’ I have wanted you for so long ’ to feel you thrust into me as you hold my hips, my breasts bouncing in reply to your every thrust ’ please fuck me for your delight alone ’ I give you my body as your very own fuck toy’

He felt himself tense as his /climax/">climax approached and in two or three exceptional thrusts gave his seed deep into her cunt. As the first spurt of his seed hit her she arched her back and thrashed in a deep orgasm as spasm upon spasm of pleasure coursed through her body.

Spent now he lay on top of her kissing her breasts and holding her. She moved down and began to caress his now soft manhood with her tongue ’ I want it in me again ’ from behind ’ please ’ I need you to fuck me doggy style ’ I have wanted this moment every since you married my /sister/">sister..’

In minutes he was ready to satisfy her and taking her breasts in his hands as he leaned forward against her backside he entered her with renewed vigor ’ this time he knew he would last for longer and he planned to make her come several times before offering his seed into her willing flesh..