A little bathroom break

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A little bathroom break

Walking down the hallway, I saw her walking towards me. Lindsay, my dream girl. Lucky for me, she was also me /girlfriend/">girlfriend. Man, did she look HOT. She walked very sexily with her hips swaying in her short, /tight/tight-skirt/">tight skirt and her tight pink top. Those 34B tits of hers were really showing. When I got to her, I put my hand on her thigh and pushed her against a locker and started kissing her while my fellow high school juniors stared as they walked by, obviously jealous of my hot freshman girlfriend.

I pulled away from her lips, looked into her eyes and said, ?I?m thirsty, would you mind??? ?Not at all!? She exclaimed, spreading her legs wide. I looked around, then really quickly put my hand up her skirt, pushed aside her panties, and stuck a finger into her very tight, /wet/pussy-wet/very-wet-pussy/">very wet pussy. Then I pulled it out, and licked it clean. ?Mmm, thanks for the snack babe.? She giggled and said, ?My pleasure. I?ll see you 7th period okay?? I replied by saying, ?See you then babe? and we walked to our separate classes. 

7th period we met in the student commons. We both sat down, and she pulled out her math book, but I wasn?t planning on letting her get very far. Our earlier encounter had left me with a huge hard-on, and I was planning on taking advantage of the 80 minutes we had together.

As she sat there working, I slipped my hand under the table and into her skirt. She smiled and moaned as I started to massage her pussy through her panties. After a few minutes, I whispered in her ear, ?You know, we have always talked about doing it in the school bathroom.? She gave me a sexy smile, and we both stood up and, with Lindsay leading, we walked on out of the commons.

I got really excited as we got to the girls bathroom and she leaned in to make sure no one was there. She then pulled me in, and we went into the stall and started to make out. I was sitting on the toilet and she was straddling me as I worked off her top and her bra. Her tits were so /gorgeous/">gorgeous, and passionately licked all over her nips and then lightly bit them. As she started to pull my pants off, I asked her, ?Are you sure you want to do this, being your /first-time/">first time and all?? She replied by saying, xxx sex video download free com ?Are you serious? Ive wanted to do this since I first met you.? And with that, she pulled off my pants and boxers and began giving me /blow/best-blow/the-best-blowjob/">the best blowjob of my life. Watching her hot, young lips encircle my 7-inch cock was so hot. She worked my cock until I was ready to explode, then she backed off. She let my cock cool down for a minute, then I reach over and took her panties off, folding them up and putting them in my pocket. She stood over me, pussy dripping with cum as I guided her body down onto my cock slowly. When my head entered her, she gasped. As I entered her more, it turned to pleasure until I hit her hymen. Her pussy was so tight and hot that it took all my effort not to explode right there and then. Barely able to speak, she muttered softly ?do it?, and with that, I pulled her body down until my entire 7 inches was inside her, breaking her hymen. She screamed with pain, then pleasure as she slowly began riding me, getting faster and faster. As she rode me, I put my hands on her ass, sticking one, two then three fingers into her hole, so she was getting fucked by my cock on one end, my fingers on the other. 

After about ten minutes, and 2 of her orgasms, I couldn?t hold it any more. I stammered, ?I?m?gonna?cum?in you!? ?DO IT!? she screamed, hitting her third orgasm. I screamed, then I came, pumping my cum into her hot, young pussy. She fell forward onto me, and we both sat there for what seemed like forever, just panting. Then she looked at me and said, ?That was incredible, thank you.? She then kissed me passionately as the bell to end the period rang. ?We looked at each other, and she lifted off of me, my cum dripping out of her pussy mixed with blood. ?Here, let me help.? I grabbed some toilet paper and dabbed at her swollen pussy lips. Then we put our clothes on, and walked out, my hot young freshmen to /english/">english, and I headed to History. When I got there, my /teacher/">teacher demanded a reason. With a laugh I said, ?I had to use the bathroom.?