Best sex slave ever 1

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Best sex slave ever 1

Marcie met Hans at a /party/">party. It was a very hot summer in the middle of August. After he stared at her tits for about ten minutes, he came over and introduced himself. Marcie noticed he had big strong hands and thick fingers. She wondered whether it was true about men with big hands and /big/big-cocks/">big cocks. 

They conversed amicably. One thing led to another and she left the party with him. 

He drove her in his Porsche out to a neighborhood she didn?t recognize. Most of the houses were set back off the road behind high gates. Sure enough Hans stopped his vehicle in front of two white gates, which opened automatically when he gave a signal from the car. The car followed a long winding driveway before it arrived at the front door of a split level house. 

But the only thing on Marcie?s mind was getting laid by this big handsome man. She really didn?t care about his house. She wanted his cock. Her pussy was already wet in anticipation. 

?You?re awfully quiet,? Hans said as he led her into the house. 

?I?m just thinking about how much fun we?re going to have tonight and how I can?t wait to get started.? 

Inside the house everything was quiet. ?Do you live alone?? She whispered, hoping not to disturb anybody else who happened to be there. 

?No, my sister lives here too, but I?m sure she?s sleeping.? 

Marcie followed Hans up a staircase to the second floor and into his bedroom. It was dark but Marcie could see the walls were red velvet and the thick carpet was even darker red. 

Hans took her by the hand and led her toward a sliding glass door and ushered her outside. The full moon above gave them plenty of light. Hans then held her tightly against him and she could feel his rock hard bulge. She smiled. 

He moved his hands between them and began to massage her bountiful breasts. He then ordered her to take off her dress. ?Here?? Marcie asked with a surprised tone. ?Out here on the terrace?? 

Hans? strong resonate voice cracked. ?Yes! Now!? It was a voice who was used to being obeyed. 

Marcie was no stranger to /outdoor/outdoor-sex/">outdoor sex. She?d been fucked on the beach before, but this was different, yet somehow the idea made her hot. Marcie began to lift her dress. She wasn?t wearing anything underneath except a pair of thong panties and a half bra. 

Hans smiled and when Marcie unhooked her bra to let her /big/big-breasts/">big breasts fall out as his smile got wider. Then she wriggled out of her panties and Hans saw first hand that she was a natural blonde. 

He couldn?t take his eyes off of her boobs and her little nipples were as erect as erasers. Marcie was hot as hell. She wanted his cock...and now! 

?You want this, don?t you, you fucking whore!?? His words made Marcie hotter. ?You want to wrap your legs around me so I can stick my shaft up your cunt!? 

She frowned. His tone frightened her. ?Gee Hans, all I want is to get laid. What?s the problem?? 

?You?re gonna get laid,? Hans said. ?But you need some lessons first!? 

Marcie started to get a bit nervous. 

He spoke authoritatively. ?Lesson number one. You don?t do anything until I tell you to do it, understand?? 

?Yes Hans,? she replied meekly. 

?Now get on your knees!? 

The concrete felt hard and cold on her knees. 

He grabbed her hand and held it against his crotch. ?Open it!? he commanded. She struggled to open the zipper, but managed to release his throbbing rod. She stared at his hard cock. 

?Suck it you slut!? he ordered. 

Marcie obediently responded and opened her mouth. 

?Is it too big for you?? he asked, needling her. He didn?t wait for an answer. He rammed his tool into her mouth right to the balls. Marcie almost choked. His balls swayed under her chin. ?Suck it bitch!? he snarled. 

She began moving her lips up and down his powerful shaft in passionate rhythm. But suddenly Hans pulled out. She was confused. She was willing to suck his cock. 

He stood over and began to strip his clothes off. Soon Hans was naked. He made her walk on her knees over to the chaise lounge. He made her lie on her back. Then he tied her hands to the metal rod at the head of the lounge which forced Marcie?s arms down behind her. 

Then he looked down at her. ?Tell me what you want slut!? 

?I want your cock up my cunt!? she screamed. He knelt between her splayed legs and slid his hard cock into her dripping /pussy/hot-pussy/">hot pussy. She felt his balls slap hard against her as his cock hit home. 

?You want it, don?t you cunt!?? he sneered. 

?Yes, yes. Give it to me!./fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard!? 

Marcie loved the satisfaction of having her cunt fully jammed. She moaned as Hans pumped away. Her body began to move in rhythm with his manly thrusts. Soon they were dripping and slippery with sweat but they kept pounding and pumping when suddenly Hans shot great gobs of white creamy jism into Marcie?s throbbing cunt. She felt his hot cum shoot deep and her pussy convulsed as she came hard. 

After a few minutes of regaining their composure, Hans freed Marcie?s wrists and helped her to her feet, but her legs were like jelly after that wild fuck and she could hardly stand. 

He led her slowly back to the bedroom and she spied the enormous king size bed in the middle of the room. Their was a mirror on the ceiling. 

She took the time to get a really good look at Hans. She already knew about his hands and cock but now she noticed his powerful build, with a broad hairy chest. porn videos download She was hooked. From somewhere in her being the following words were forced from her lips: ?Hans, I want to be your /slave/sex-slave/">sex slave!? 

Hans? face lit up. ?I knew the minute I saw you Marcie, that you were more than a great pair of tits.? He also knew that she was more than just a great fuck. 

He reached over and picked up a riding crop hanging by the side of the bed. He fingered it as he leered at her. ?You want to be my sex slave, let?s test you.? 

?What do you want?? she asked excitedly. 

?Turn over,? he ordered as he tapped the crop against his palm. When she didn?t make a move, he grabbed her by her long blonde hair and twisted it tightly, forcing her to face him. ?If you want to be my sex slave bitch, you?ve got to learn to behave and do what I tell you. Now turn over!? 

Immediately, Marcie turned on her belly on the bed. Without hesitating, Hans began to smack her nether globes hard with the crop. They went from pale pink to bright red as Marcie?s shrieks of agony filled the room. 

Then he ordered her off the bed and on her knees on the shag rug. He picked up the black silk stocking she had discarded. ?Put your hands behind your back slave!? he ordered. Marcie obeyed and felt the soft but strong material circle her wrists. A sense of fear crept over her. 

?I don?t think this such a good idea,? she whispered. 

?You mean you were lying when you said you wanted to be my sex slave?? he demanded. 

?Not exactly,? she replied in a soft tone. 

?I clearly heard you say it and you are my slave now.? 

Hans stood back and admired his new slave as she knelt on the floor with her forehead touching the rug. Her hands were behind and her pale white bottom was in the air. 

Hans moved behind her, reached under her and stroked her cunt. She was once again dripping wet. He soaked his fingers with her pussy juice. He pulled his hand away and began to insert a dripping wet finger up her anus. As it moved inside Marcie squealed with /surprise/">surprise and delight. His thick finger worked its way slowly up the tight corridor of her rear entry. Marcie?s moans of pleasure encouraged him. Soon his entire middle finger had made its way up and the lady groaned with pleasure as she responded with enthusiasm. 

Suddenly, he pulled his finger out and once again reached for her pussy. He soaked his fingers with her juice again. Then he lubricated her anus. ?You want it now, don?t you Marcie? I?m gonna fuck your /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass good.? 

Marcie whimpered as she felt him grip the white mounds of her /ass/sexy-ass/">sexy ass. She moaned as she felt his hot naked shaft enter her. Marcie screamed as he moved his mighty tool slowly but steadily into her pink anus until she could feel his balls slap against her butt cheeks. 

Then the pain subsided and she started to get into it. ?Oh yes! /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-my-ass/">fuck my ass Hans! She blurted. Her voice urged him on as he plunged deeper. His hot poker then began corkscrewing her asshole. She gasped and moaned as the head of Hans? giant cock probed its way up her rear canal. 

Hans held her tightly and Marcie never dreamed her ass could take so much cock. And she never dreamed she?d be enjoying it this much. 

Then Hans moved his hands to her mammoth breasts while still fucking her asshole. His fingers found the sensitive nipples and squeezed. ?Ow! That hurts!? she said as she screamed from the new sensation of pain. 

?Great tits!? he gasped. The two sensations at the same time were almost more than she could stand. But Hans wasn?t finished. He moved his nimble fingers away from her throbbing nipples and down her soft belly to find her clitoris. 

His fingers found her pink joy button and began to toy with it. Marcie was totally at his mercy, moaning and thrashing about in ecstacy. 

Then he squirted his hot semen up her asshole as she came in a thunderous orgasm. 

?You?re a hot bitch!? He panted as he laid on the floor and watched her. 

A few minutes later he rose, untied her wrists and allowed her to stand. ?Come Marcie, it?s time for bed.? 

Marcie obediently followed him. She knew she wasn?t going anywhere else tonight. 

With a little more training she could be a great xxx sex slave, he thought. 

To Be Continued...