Fences Make Good Neighbors

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Fences Make Good Neighbors

Bob and Marcy had been our neighbors for years. You couldn't ask for better neighbors and we didn't. Together we decided to put a gate in the fence that separated our back yards in order to make it easier to visit each other for whatever the reason. I volunteered to build the gate, as I love doing stuff like that. 

Bob worked for a drug company as a sales rep and was out of town from time to time, although this weekend when I was building the gate was a rare weekend when he wasn't home. He complained before he left that I wouldn't let him do any of the ”good stuff” anyway so he might as well be at his convention.

As I began to take off the existing panels, I spied Beth, Bob and Marcy's 17-year-old /daughter/">daughter. She was sunbathing in a very small two-piece bathing suit. At first she seemed a bit uncomfortable that I was there, but soon she relaxed and continued to sun herself. Beth was a carbon copy of Marcy. /tits/big-tits/">big tits, small waist, shapely legs and a /sensual/">sensual face that aroused the dirty old man in me. I tried not to look her way, but my construction efforts betrayed me time and again. Each time my eyes caught a glimpse of her I had to stop and take in the whole picture. She was driving me nuts.

I had the old section completely removed, and I couldn't stand it anymore. I took off my tool belt and headed for our kitchen where my wife Sue was preparing a blackberry pie. She glanced over her shoulder and teased me with a mocking tone, ”That gate you just installed has a unique see through feature hun.”

I smiled as I came up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist, pushing my erect member against her ass. ”I thought you might need a break from pie preparation”, I mumbled.

Sue squirmed and purred, then reached behind herself and rubbed me with her hand. ”Did you get turned on watching Beth sunbathe?” she teased.

”As a matter of fact, Beth did have something to do with this. She is lying over there half naked, and every time I turn around, there she is. Looking at naked /women/">women always has this effect on me. It makes me want to fuck your brains out.” I admitted.

Sue turned and put her arms around my neck, drawing my head down to her lips. She kissed me softly and slid her left hand down to the bulge in my shorts. As she broke off the kiss she drew away shimmied out of her shorts and panties. I don't know how women do that so fast. Her hands then busied themselves on my belt and shorts. I nervously looked about to make sure no one was watching as aside from the cabinets we were behind we were very visible to anybody who could see our back windows and sliding glass door. Sue worked my shorts off and took my cock in her hand. ”You want to do it right here?” I asked.

”It makes it more exciting don't you think?” she replied.

I had to agree, I was excited. We moved together and Sue deftly slid my cock in between her legs and into her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. She groaned with pleasure and I just about came right on the spot. I managed to regain my composure and began to slowly slide my dick in and out of that wonderful pussy. It didn't take long and Sue began to plead for me to go faster, but I knew that if I went any faster, I would cum immediately. Then she got that look on her face that she gets moments before she is going to erupt. I quickened my pace. Sue began to squeal with pleasure and I could hold back no longer. I came as she was ending her squeals. ”Good timing,” she cooed.

We kissed and embraced for a short time and then Sue demanded that I get back to my project so she could finish her pie. As I pulled up my shorts and headed out the door, she told me I could look at Beth as much as I wanted to, as long as she got fucked when my dick started to get hard. Did I tell you how much I love my wife?

I returned to my gate project to find that Beth had rolled over on her back affording me a perfect view of the top of her breasts. It is amazing how young /tits/girls-tits/">girls tits can be so firm, especially when they were as large as Beth's. Soon after I had resumed my efforts, Marcy came into their back yard in her swimsuit to join Beth in some sun bathing. Marcy was every bit as big if not bigger than her daughter and she was my age so I didn't feel so guilty about lusting for her body. She waved at me and said she couldn't wait for the gate to be finished. I waved back and said it wouldn't be long. She let me know how grateful she was that I was doing this and I told her it wasn't that hard. Marcy laughed and said, ”First you tell it won't be long, and then you say it isn't hard. What kind of a stud construction worker are you anyway?”

Beth sat up and complained ”Mom!”

We all began to laugh and eventually I went back to my gate. After a while Beth got a phone call and told Marcy that she was going to the mall with some friends. Sue stuck her head full hd xvideo download out of the door and said the pie was done and she was going grocery shopping. She lectured me about not getting into the pie before dinner and told me to get some sunscreen on. She popped back into the house only to pop back out moments later and toss me a tube of sunscreen. ”See ya,” she called out as she moved to the garage door and disappeared.

Marcy rolled onto her stomach and asked if I needed any help putting on the sunscreen. It was all I could do to keep from staring at the magnificent cleavage formed by her breasts. ”Yes,” I stammered. ”You could spread it on my back if you like.”

Marcy rose and sauntered over to where I was standing. I guess I hadn't done a very good job of not staring at her tits because the next thing she said was, ”Haven't you ever seen a women's breasts before?”

I was embarrassed, but Bob and Marcy are good friends so I knew she was teasing me. I decided to let her know what a wonderful sight she was in that particular bathing suit. ”I don't get many chances to see such a beautiful body Marcy. I am truly sorry if I offended you. I am after all a man, and I am glad to report that you are verifying that fact for me.” I blurted out.

”So there is a chance you'll be long and hard after all,” she teased.

”Oh, I don't think there is any doubt about that Marcy,” I said with a steady voice. My eyes were locked onto hers now and hers seemed to be smoking with desire.

”Turn around and let me get your back,” she said.

I complied and shuddered ever so slightly as her cool hands began to work the sunscreen into my back. My dick was as hard as a rock and I was thankful that my tool bags were covering up the massive bulge in my pants. Without any warning, Marcy slid her hands around to the front and pulled her breasts against my back. With a quick flick of her wrist she undid my tool belt and ran her hand over my /erection/">erection. ”I am very flattered that you find me this attractive,” she murmured. ”Would you like to come inside”for a drink I mean.”? 

”Yeah, I”d really like to come inside”for a drink I mean,” I answered.

Marcy led me into her house and straight to her bedroom. She closed the door behind us and took off her suit revealing a hard body that belied her 41 years of age. I fumbled with my belt and shorts somehow managing to drop them to the floor. free porn movies download Marcy walked toward me and took my cock in her hand. She dropped to her knees and began to suck and hum contentedly. She pulled off of my cock to mention that she tasted evidence of a prior event. ”I have something to confess Paul,” she said. ”I was watching earlier when you and Sue were doing it in your kitchen. It got me so hot, I changed into the bathing suit in case I got a chance to be doing what I doing right now. Bob is away this weekend and I don't think I could stand waiting for him to get back. Is that okay with you?”

”Oh God yes,” I sighed as she once again engulfed my cock in her mouth. 

After a few moments of bliss as Marcy bobbed her head up and down my shaft, she pulled off again, ”As much as I like sucking cock,” she said, ”I need to get fucked by you more.” She pushed me onto her bed and crawled on top of me, lowering her pussy onto my throbbing member. She began a rhythmic undulation up and down on my cock. Having already cum a few hours earlier, I was able to control my self and match her rhythm. Soon she was frantically pounding her ass up and down into my stomach, her breasts flailing wildly in the air. She trembled and squealed, ”Oh God I needed that.”

I hadn't cum yet and I wasn't going to stop. I reached up and pulled her down onto the bed so she was lying on her back. I rolled over on top and hooked the back of her knees with my elbows. She reached down and guided my cock back into her pussy. This time it was my turn to go wild. I pounded her pussy for all I was worth, Marcy started to cum again, and I pounded harder. She began to scream for me to go faster and harder. Somehow I found another gear. All at once I exploded into her cunt and Marcy went wild with the loudest orgasm I have ever heard a woman express.