College fuck chapter 2 New kid

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College fuck chapter 2 New kid

/college/college-fuck/">college fuck chapter 2: New kid

It had only been a few days since me and Justin had fucked in the shower rooms. Me and Justin had already moved in together and starting a secret relationship. It felt weird seeing Justin making out and bringing s different chick to fuck each night but I didn’t mind as we would fuck again and again and again. We never went out but we would order takeout and download some /new/new-movies/">new movies or porn. Football season was over so the shower rooms were closed. We would always sometimes go back to the scene of the fuck to recreate that night. We had just gotten back we started making out when he said ’Let’s make it a memorable night. I’m gonna milf porn videos be gone for a while. I’m going to Australia for 2 weeks with my dad.’ ’Ok’ I replied and we fucked all night. I had just sent him off and was already missing him. I went through his draws when i found some girl clothes and make up. I tried them on and put on a wig.

Maybe i could /surprise/">surprise him when he got back. I was strutting around when I heard a yell. ’Hey sexy why don’t you come out and make some money.’ I was gonna reply sorry dude but I’m a guy. But then all of a sudden I had a mind of my own. ’Sure Hun maybe if i enjoy it will be free.’ I started stuffing the bra and I was walking to his apartment. I knocked on the door and this /cute/">cute guy with spiked black hair and an /athletic/">athletic body. He was down to his briefs. He lifted me up and chucked me on the bed. He started making out with me. ’I’m new here’ he said. ’I’m Kieran and i just wanna pay a chick to suck me all night long’. ’Well I’m that chick’. I said ’but I don’t take my clothes off’.

We continued making out when he took those briefs off. Straight away he pushed my blowjob porn videos head to it and started making me suck the whole thing. Oh yeah baby you’ve done this before haven’t u? Sure have Kieran. He cummed in my mouth he started taking my shirt off. ’Why don’t you take that bra off’ he said to me ’No Kieran only for my husband’ All of a sudden it fell off and the tissues fell to.

’OH MY GOD YOUR A DUDE’ he yelled out. ’Wait wait I can explain’. ’Oh you little faggot a fag sucked my cock a cross dresser sucked my cock’. He started vomiting. ’Please let me make it up to you’. ’Just leave’. ’Ok’ i said i was so embarrassed everyone was gonna find out. I turned the door knob but it fell off it was locked in. ’Ah Kieran the doors broken’. ’Good job fagot’. ’Look’ I said. Obviously you have a fear of gay people you know you’re probably gay. I could tell I had hit a nerve because his anger turned to sadness. And so he told me about how he left his old school. ’I left because someone filmed be sucking my roommates cock and I was bullied’. ’Look its ok I have a relationship with another guy. You would be surprised with the gays at this college.’

We started drinking talking about famous me when one thing led to another and he leaned forward and kissed me. We went back to his bed and did our unfinished work. He started taking my blouse and kissing my chest. This was the /first-time/">first time in a while that i wasn’t going to have to do the work. He talk off my mini skirt we both had a laugh when he saw my thong. He ripped it off and took my cock in his mouth. And sucked the shaft he loved it. I was moaning in pleasure the feeling wasn’t like when Justin does it. At that moment I was about to explode. I could feel the cum trickling down his throat as I took it out we just laid there. ’/ass/ass-fucking/fuck-my-ass/">fuck my ass Rick’ ’Ok just give me a minute.

I spread my legs and he slowly began to sit on my cock. He was staring in my eyes just moving up and down we started kissing while anal. I started cumming in his ass. I lifted him off and pt his ass in my face to lick cum out of his hole. While I was doing it he was giving me the most amazing hand job. /tickling/">tickling my balls. After that we both collapsed laying next to each other I grabbed some of his clothes and he said to me. ’Just pick the knob up and put back in’ ’You are very clever’ i said I left and went back to my room. When I did I began to regret what I did.

Could this ruin my relationship?