Tashas and Bethanys Bathing Bash

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
Tashas and Bethanys Bathing Bash

"Hey Bethany, how are you doing?" Tasha asked Bethany over the phone.

"I'm doing all right. I am pretty bored right now." Bethany responded.

"I had a hard day at work today. I am taking a bath to help me loosen up." Tasha said. Tasha worked at a local pizza joint in Foot City. So did Bethany. They had worked there for a year. They also went to school together. They were pretty close friends. "Hey, would you like to bathe with me?" Tasha asked Bethany.

After a brief pause, Bethany's answer came. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmm......... That would be weird. But doing weird things makes life interesting. And I do think that you are hot! All right, I'll be right over."

"See you soon!" xnxxv sunny leone video Tasha said. And then she up. She was already starting to get aroused. 

Half an hour later, the doorbell rang. Tasha ran to answer the door. It was Bethany. "Hi Tash!" She said. "Is the water warm?"

"I was just running it when you rang the doorbell. Let's get into it."

"Yes, no time to waste." Bethany agreed. She took off her shoes and placed them on the shoe shelf. Then she followed Tasha down the hall and into the bathroom. When they got into the bathroom, Tasha closed the door behind them. 

"Well, I guess that we should get undressed." Bethany said. She started to take off her shirt but Tasha clasped her hands around Bethany's.

"It would be more interesting if we undressed each other." Tasha exclaimed. Bethany hesitated for a moment and then nodded.

"It will be , but a new experience." Bethany replied. Then she took her hands away from her shirt and placed them over her head while Tasha pulled her shirt up over her large beautiful breasts and her head. Then Tasha placed her hands above her head and Bethany pulled off Tasha's shirt. When the shirt came over her breasts, they bounced around for a while before they bounced back into position. 

"Bethany," Tasha said, "I like your breasts! They are large and beautiful. And your red bra is very enticing. I want to stick my fingers into your real forced anal against her will cleavage." 

"I'll let you do that if I can do your breasts as well." Bethany responded. Tasha nodded. Then Tasha and Bethany started caressing each other's breasts and sticking their fingers in each other's cleavage. Their breasts were very soft and nice to feel. They had a good spring to them. 

After caressing Bethany's breasts for a while, Tasha ran her hands down Bethany's trunk over her belly button and down to her pants. She then proceded to unbutton and unzip Bethany's pants. She pulled them down and Bethany stepped out of them. Then Tasha stood up and allowed Bethany to take off her pants. Then Bethany ran her hands up Tasha's legs over her behind and up her trunk to her breasts again. They continued fondling each other's upper bodies for a while. Then Tasha started moving towards the bath tub which was almost over flowing. 

"Let's get undressed and into the tub." Tasha said. They took off each other's socks, bras, and panties, then got into the tub. Tasha then cupped some soap bubbles and then started to rub them on Bethany's beautiful bare breasts. Her nipples were about the size of toonies and were a bright red (The readers in Canada will know how big a toonie is). She then ran her hands down her trunk and then rubbed her right hand inbetween Bethany's legs. 

"Ooooooooooooh, that feels nice!" Bethany moaned. "Keep it up!" Tasha kept on rubbing her shaved lock (In between her legs) and Bethany moaned louder. A couple of Tasha's fingers slipped into Bethany's flaps and she got wet. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" Bethany exclaimed. Then Bethany pushed Tasha's hand out.

"Let me do you now." She said. Then Tasha stood up while Bethany ran her hands over her breasts down her trunk and to her lock (which was also shaved). She then rubbed Tasha's lock and Tasha moaned instantly. After some more rubbing, Bethany sat down in the tub and brought one of her legs out of the water. Her leg was muscular and very curvy. Her foot was round and smooth. It was very sexy. "Do you like my leg and foot?"

"Oooooooooooh! and legs are very sexy." Tasha exclaimed. She then sat down in the tub and brought her opposite leg out of the water. "I will worship yours if you will worship mine!" She said.

"Sounds nice!" Bethany Replied. They then proceeded to caress, kiss, and suck on each other's legs and feet. Tasha sucked on Bethany's big toe. "Nice! Nice!" Bethany moaned in between sucking Tasha's toes. Tasha just moaned. They then started to lick each other's soles and heels. It was very arousing. 

Then Tasha took her other foot and started to rub Bethany's lock with it. Bethany did the same. They both started moaning louder and louder. They entered into a state of total erotic bliss. In all of their years, they hadn't experienced anything like this before. They kept on rubbing each other's locks and worshipping each other's feet and legs until they both felt something warm and gooey on the bottom of their soles. They both had orgasms at the same time. It was a moment of bonding for them. They both experienced something special at the same time. The orgasm felt so good. When it finally came to an end, they were satisfied. Then they both sighed and allowed themselves to sink into the hot tub water.

"That was really really nice!" Tasha exclaimed. 

"Yes, it was weird but it was very pleasurable." Bethany exclaimed. "We should do it again sometime."